GSM Forsage provides a guarantee for the entire range of products. If the client contacts when a warranty case occurs, the company will consider the situation. If necessary, make repairs, replacements or return the money spent on the goods. In a situation where there is no required replacement product in the warehouse, then the company will return the money or, with the consent of the buyer, credit it to his balance. The terms of the guarantee fully comply with the requirements of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and applicable standards. Internal rules of GSM Forsage do not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine.

Warranty service conditions:

    Removing the protective sticker from the spare part will void the warranty. It is necessary to immediately check the serviceability of the parts. Remember that the warranty applies exclusively to new parts, prior to actual commissioning. Failure of a spare part after completion of installation is considered an external influence. In this case, the fault of the manufacturer, seller and carrier is excluded.
    It is allowed to return any spare parts, but without traces of mechanical stress (dents, scratches, cracks, bends). It is necessary to check the part prior to installation in the device.

Return of non-defective goods

In Ukraine, the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" is in force. Thanks to him, the buyer has the right to exchange the products purchased within 14 days, but only if the original appearance with all seals and stickers is preserved. All costs incurred as a result of returning the goods to the warehouse, including delivery, are paid by the buyer.

If you have any questions regarding a warranty case, please contact your sales manager. We are always ready to solve your problem in a short time.

Warranty obligations are not provided in the following cases:

    the operating conditions are not met;
    the goods are damaged due to the fault of the buyer;
    misuse of products.

It is not considered a warranty case if the tool or equipment is damaged as a result of mechanical damage, moisture, heat, electromagnetic influences or other external factors, and GSM Forsage is not considered the culprit.

By purchasing goods from our company, you accept the rules for the operation of the goods and the warranty conditions. Read the requirements carefully, and then unpleasant situations will not arise.

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