Before sending the order, all parcels are insured for their full value by the carrier.
Upon receipt of the parcel, please check for any damage (absence thereof) during transportation at the carrier's office.

 Delivery and payment methods:
 Delivery across Ukraine using the carrier "New Mail"

The package is delivered to the office of "New Mail" in your city. To receive the parcel, you must present your passport, driver's license and cargo declaration number, which will be sent to you by sms (viber) message and email after sending.

    delivery time 1-2 days from the date of sending the order;
    the cost of the transfer of cash on delivery is not included in the order and is 20 hryvnia, regardless of the total amount of the order, as well as 2% of the order amount (collection of "New Mail").

Pick up orders on time! The storage period for the parcel at the "New Mail" warehouse in your city is 5 days, after this period the parcel will be recalled back.

Courier delivery "to the door"

Courier delivery "to the door" is carried out by the services of the carrier "New mail".

Delivery times, according to the schedule established by the carrier "New mail".

You are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided during the registration of "To the door" delivery (address, full name of the recipient, mobile phone number).

Show the courier your passport or other document proving the identity of the recipient, which you indicated when processing the delivery.

Inspect the shipment for packaging integrity. Sign documents only if the condition of the packaging is not suspicious.

If, upon inspection, you find that the parcel is damaged, or does not correspond to what you ordered, then fill out the Refusal Act (you can take the Act form from the courier).

The courier will contact you by phone before driving to the specified address.

"Ukrposhta" - postal parcel in Ukraine

Delivery to the post office at your address (works throughout Ukraine).

    delivery time of the parcel is 1-3 days from the date of dispatch;
    the cost of translation of cash on delivery 1% of the order amount (min. UAH 5) Ukrposhta fee.

Preliminary "Ukrposhta" will notify you about the arrival of the parcel. If the notification did not arrive within the stated time, please contact your post office. To receive a parcel, you need to have your passport with you.

Payment methods:


Payment by bank card

You can make a prepayment and pay for the goods on the bank card. You can pay from your card or from the terminal, whichever is more convenient for you.

With a full prepayment to the card, you save on the service of sending money by the postal service.

To pay by card, the store employee will send you an SMS with the card number and the amount you need to deposit.


Online payment Visa / Master Card

When placing an order on the site, you can immediately pay for it by choosing the payment method "Payment Visa / Master Card". This payment method is convenient and simple. Before you pay for an item in this way, be sure to contact an employee of our store to confirm the availability and price of the selected item.

Cash on delivery

You can order goods with payment upon receipt. You pay for the goods after you have received it, examined it and made sure that it is intact and complete. This method is very convenient, because you pay for the package only after you have examined it.

By cash on delivery, you can receive parcels both at the post office and with address delivery.

With this method of payment, the postal carrier takes a commission for sending money in the amount of 2% of the cost of the parcel + 20 UAH.

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